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We develop, manufacture, market and distribute our own products. We also help international companies to develop and formulate high quality probiotics, dietary supplements and health products to help people with different health conditions.

Our Research & Development team is currently working on different products & formulation to serve customers in Vietnam, in Asia and worldwide. All products are made with carefully selected natural ingredients and are produced & bottled in state-of-the-art facilities.

Kenubio Products

High quality Dietary supplements & Health supplements

Dietary supplements for Cardiovascular Health

Products for Blood Pressure

Products for Diabetes

Products for Respiratory Health

Products for Digestive Health

 Dietary supplement for Ulcerative colitis

Products for Musculoskeletal Health

Products for immune System & Health

Products for Skin Health

Products for Lungs Health

Products to help brain function and brain memory

Dietary supplements for Post Covid-19 conditions

Product for constipation (laxative)


kenubio, kenu bio
KENUBIO International

Kenubio products are made with premium natural ingredients sourced from top manufacturers.

List of Products

Kenu TD

kenubio product for diabetes
KENU TD – For Diabetes. Supports to reduce blood sugar and diabetic complications.

Kenu TM

kenubio product for cholesterol
KENU TM – For Cholesterol. Supports to reduce blood Cholesterol, Atherosclerosis, Angina and Coronary stenosis

Kenu MHcare

KENU MHcare – to improve breathing


kenubio product_herbrain
KENU HERBRAIN – Enhance Brain Function, help improve sleeping trouble, memory impairment, etc.

Kenu Dai Trang

dietary supplement for ulcerative colitis

A high quality dietary supplement to help reduce the symptoms of Ulcerative colitis (UC).

Kenu Endcor

kenu endcor, kenubio endcor

Dietary supplement to help improve the immune system and helps to reduce fatigue. Excellent product for Adults and Children.

Kenu Probiotics

probiotics for children, kenubio probiotics for children
KENU Probiotics for Children. High quality dietary & health supplement for children.

Kenu Multi Fibers

KENU Multi Fibers – Help to relieve constipation and to support to enhance digestion. Perfect product and formula for Adults and Children.


Dietary supplement to support to reduce Uric Acid and Arthritis.

White Label products and Private Label products

R&D, Product Development & Formulation, Wholesaling, White-label products, Private Labels, Partnership opportunities, etc.

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